Our technical developments are concerning the following subjects

We call it 4E innovations. LED lighting is the first thing we consider to be the easiest target to approach our goals. We are improving energy efficiency of LED lighting by new materials, new electric circuit and new thermal designs, and doing our roles to save this planet a little through these 4E related innovations. We would like to ensure market’s needs remained in the heart of everything we do. These technologies listed below are something we have done to improve LED lighting devices.
Tunneling Thermal Resistance
High performance substrates
High efficient power drive

Excellent Thermal Dissipation

We invented an unique patented technology which enhances the performance of a LED device by maintaining the emitters at low temperature. We call it ” THERMAL TUNNELING RESISTANCE”, short as TTR. It creates a thermal tunneling effect to enhance air particles to tunnel through the heat sink and to carry out more heat generated by emitters, and reduces the weight of a bulb up to 60% lighter, and improves the cooling efficiency up to 15 degree C lower. The higher power emitters consumed, the better cooling efficiency the TTR enhanced.

High Performance Substrates

In the LED industry, aluminum substrates are generally used to carry LED emitters. The thermal conductivity of these substrates is not so high as we expected aluminum should have, due to the electrically isolated layer in the aluminum substrates. XLEDIA developed high thermal conductive materials such as aluminum nitride and beryllium nitride to be applied on our substrates in selected prodcuts. These materials can efficiently conduct heat generated by emitters out of the LED packages to significantly enhance the total performance.

High Efficient Power Drive

We designed power drives for LED lighting devices with very compact sizes and high efficiency. When it applies with our high performance substrates and TTR technology, the components of power drives can be kept at low temperature and extend the real life time up to 50,000 hours. A real long life time of power drive matches with LED emitters’ life time.

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