Model Name: X125L. Specifications: A22, 125W Equivalent, 2000 lm, Warm White, E26, LED Bulb


Model Name: X150N. Specifications: A22, 150W Equivalent, 2400 lm, Cool White, E26, LED Bulb


Spring Sales, Limited Time, Selected Items, X125N LED Bulb, Cool White, 16.3W, 2000lm.


Achieved 2017 Japan TOP RUNNER Requirement


E17 LED bulb, Model Name: S75N, 75W Equivalent, 1000 lm, Cool White, E17, LED Bulb


High Bay Light, Model Name: X125N, 13,300 lm, power consumption: 125W, excellent for 10m(39’) high warehouses or factories. Replace 500W Mercury Lamps.


XLEDIA Corporation

XLEDIA is a combination of X, LED, PEDIA. X symbolizes our Extreme endeavor to LED technology. PEDIA means compendium of knowledge. In its totality, our company name, XLEDIA, endows our mission for extreme devotion to best LED technology. XLEDIA is pronounced as iks-lε-dia.

What we do

Due to the energy-efficiency and mercury content, prohibition of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps to use at home are spreading globally. LEDs may be the leading candidate for next-generation lighting because of its energy-efficiency and mercury-free. XLEDIA’s state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and technologies are precision developed to perform with maximum efficiency and quality, and to produce breakthrough light weight, long life time, and more energy-efficient LED lighting devices. Environmental innovation is at the heart of XLEDIA's technologies. Utilizing an extensive network of engineers, we're consistently developing new technologies and innovative materials that deliver responsible product design along with sustainable and eco-focused programs to reduce environmental impacts.

Who we are

We are a team with great experiences on IC packaging, power drives and thermal dissipation designs from semiconductor industries. We also develop high performance materials for semiconductor and electro-optics industries. XLEDIA bulbs is the first product we made with what we have learned and developed in the past for LED lighting industries. We expect to continue our hard works for LED lighting with what we call 4E Innovations and to create more affordable and energy saving products.