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XLEDIA’s products are certified with PSE, UL(ETL) and CE. “XLEDIA” this brand is already quite famous in Japan. Besides, Military and NASA in USA are also XLEDIA’s customers. XLEDIA’s main featured product is High Bay Light. The efficiency of Hay Bay Light with power is 138lm/w and without power is more than 160lm/w. Until now no brands can compete with XLEDIA. This kind of efficiency can help factories, warehouses and so on to save a lot of energy and money. And as this kind of efficiency, the life of the products can last longer than others with low efficiency. If you are interested in becoming XLEDIA’s distributors, please contact with us!


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The advantages of being XLEDIA’s distributors

1.XLEDIA will provide you products training and sales kits in LED lighting.
2.Promotion activities support
3.Consult in Marketing activities
4.Projects with special offer

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