Q1. Almost every LED bulb is claimed life time of 40,000 hours. Is it true?

A: Actually it only refers to the Emitter's life. Every LED bulb has a power drive in it to provide electric power. This power drive is very sensitive to heat. Usually the power drive doesn't last that long if there is no effective heat dissipation design with it. That is why many customers have bad experience with LED light bulbs.

Q2. Why is the design life time of X series bulbs 40,000 hours, longer than others?

A: X series bulbs adopt TTR technology to effectively dissipate heat from both emitter and power drive. The temperature of the power drive is kept low to have long life time.

Q3. Is it necessary to choose enclosed fixture suitable bulbs?

A: Yes, it is necessary. LED chips are very sensitive to heat. The high heat could cause the drop of brightness and failure of power drives in LED bulbs. Many of light fixtures are enclosed. The poor air circulation could cause temperature rising of LED bulbs, which would shorten the brightness and lifespan of LED bulbs dramatically. XLEDIA's LED bulbs all have been independently tested and matched the standards(UL1933).

Q4. Why are XLEDIA bulbs one of the best quality LED light bulbs?

A: In semiconductor industries, engineers test IC in a chamber and cook it to 60℃ with 90% moisture for 1,000 hours in order to make sure that this IC can survive in this one of the toughest environments where you will use electronic devices on earth. All XLEDIA bulbs passed the test which bulbs were operated in a chamber at 60 degree C, 90% moisture, for 1000 hours. It presents the outstanding durability of XLEDIA bulbs. We manufacture our LED bulbs with the standards of semiconductor industries.